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    Register today for the dirtiest, most exciting run of 2016! FL-ROC is bringing you our 11th mud run to hit the sunshine state on May 7th. This 4 mile 35+ obstacles event is guaranteed to be our dirtiest and most exciting event yet!

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    Prepare for the Run

    Feeling a little under prepared? Look no further, this page will help you set goals and create a training plan to help you conquer the Mud Run.

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    Challenge Your Friends!

    See if your friends and family have what it takes to run against you in the the dirtiest, most exciting run of the year by challenging them on facebook.

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    Only a few hours left until the price increase! Sign up now for an earlybird discount!


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    Sponsorship packages

    Think your Business would be a good partner with our race? Contact us to discuss opportunities.

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